Bamboo Dish Scrubbers
These eco-friendly dish scrubbers are your next favorite kitchen lifesaver! Made up of natural bamboo these scrubbers are perfectly designed to fit in your hand for easy grip and comfort. Doing dishes is a chore no more as each brush...
from $8.50
Double Bubba - Solid Dish Soap
You'll be all about these bubbles because there is finally something in your house that does more work than you do! This solid dish soap will leave your dishes so clean that you'd swear they were brand new. The combination...
Genie (Without The Bottle) - Zero Waste Dish Soap
No need for a bottle when you have this much power. This solid dish soap can grant you three dishes *ahem* wishes. Sparkling cutlery, glowing glasses, and perfect plates. Utilizing the magic of rosemary, lavender, and tea tree it will...
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