Aquarius - Peppermint Shampoo Bar
Aquarius Shampoo was touched by the gods before it was sent to you. Imbued with the gift of healing and soothing, she knows she's better than basic bottled shampoos. Aquarius sinks deep into your hair, giving it the fix you...
Beach Bum - Lemon Shampoo Bar
Beach Bum Shampoo is the California girl of the lineup: fresh, alluring, and sexy as hell. Crave fantastic beachy waves and body? Beach Bum is like a day at the beach without the sand in your suit at the end...
Panda Bar - Detox Shampoo Bar
Panda Bar Shampoo gets its dark color from the extra detoxifying ingredient of activated charcoal. This magical formula attracts dirt and oil while adding volume to the hair making it so lightweight you'd swear someone put a spell on it...
Moody Judy - Neutralizing Shampoo Bar
Moody Judy Shampoo is perfect for restoring and strengthening hair. It imparts an uplifting zesty fragrance that's going to triple back handspring you into your day. This bar is packed with rich compounds and highly-beneficial properties that clean away toxins...
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