Moody Judy - Reparative Conditioner Bar
Moody Judy Conditioner revives dry and damaged hair like CPR from that one hot lifeguard. The rich compounds add a healthy, vibrant glow akin to getting your cheeks pinched one too many times by grandma. Who do you love? Grapefruit...
Panda Bar - Tea Tree Conditioner Bar
Panda Bar Conditioner gives your hair a restart with ultra-purifying and moisturizing compounds. It nourishes each strand and works like a great juice cleanse; detoxifying, regenerating, and healing… hair, that is. Tea Tree | Lemongrass | Rosemary  Benefits Conditioning &...
Aquarius - Peppermint Conditioner Bar
Aquarius Conditioner will leave you starstruck with its otherworldly ability to balance and revive your hair. Containing a high menthol content that adds a cooling sensation, simultaneously stimulating the scalp and clearing the mind. This conditioner goes the distance to help...
Sold Out
Beach Bum - Moisture Restorative Conditioner Bar
Beach Bum Conditioner will make your hair softer than you believed possible. Bursting with highly-nourishing nutrients that your hair will drink up faster than that first cocktail at a high school reunion. Beach Bum Conditioner will heal your hair after...
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