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Beach Bum - Lemon Shampoo Bar
Beach Bum Shampoo is the California girl of the lineup: fresh, alluring, and sexy as hell. Crave fantastic beachy waves and body? Beach Bum is like a day at the beach without the sand in your suit at the end...
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Beach Bum - Moisture Restorative Conditioner Bar
Beach Bum Conditioner will make your hair softer than you believed possible. Bursting with highly-nourishing nutrients that your hair will drink up faster than that first cocktail at a high school reunion. Beach Bum Conditioner will heal your hair after...
Aquarius - Peppermint Shampoo Bar
Aquarius Shampoo was touched by the gods before it was sent to you. Imbued with the gift of healing and soothing, she knows she's better than basic bottled shampoos. Aquarius sinks deep into your hair, giving it the fix you...
Aquarius - Peppermint Conditioner Bar
Aquarius Conditioner will leave you starstruck with its otherworldly ability to balance and revive your hair. Containing a high menthol content that adds a cooling sensation, simultaneously stimulating the scalp and clearing the mind. This conditioner goes the distance to help...
Moody Judy - Neutralizing Shampoo Bar
Moody Judy Shampoo is perfect for restoring and strengthening hair. It imparts an uplifting zesty fragrance that's going to triple back handspring you into your day. This bar is packed with rich compounds and highly-beneficial properties that clean away toxins...
Moody Judy - Reparative Conditioner Bar
Moody Judy Conditioner revives dry and damaged hair like CPR from that one hot lifeguard. The rich compounds add a healthy, vibrant glow akin to getting your cheeks pinched one too many times by grandma. Who do you love? Grapefruit...
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Panda Bar - Detox Shampoo Bar
Panda Bar Shampoo gets its dark color from the extra detoxifying ingredient of activated charcoal. This magical formula attracts dirt and oil while adding volume to the hair making it so lightweight you'd swear someone put a spell on it...
Panda Bar - Tea Tree Conditioner Bar
Panda Bar Conditioner gives your hair a restart with ultra-purifying and moisturizing compounds. It nourishes each strand and works like a great juice cleanse; detoxifying, regenerating, and healing… hair, that is. Tea Tree | Lemongrass | Rosemary  Benefits Conditioning &...
Double Bubba - Solid Dish Soap
You'll be all about these bubbles because there is finally something in your house that does more work than you do! This solid dish soap will leave your dishes so clean that you'd swear they were brand new. The combination...
Genie (Without The Bottle) - Zero Waste Dish Soap
No need for a bottle when you have this much power. This solid dish soap can grant you three dishes *ahem* wishes. Sparkling cutlery, glowing glasses, and perfect plates. Utilizing the magic of rosemary, lavender, and tea tree it will...
Medusa - Tea Tree Body Wash
Beware, use this bar, and be cursed with everlasting beauty. The potent combination of essential oils will revive skin of stone making it soft to the touch. It has a devastating effect on dryness, acne, and oily skin making you...
Indulge - Charcoal Body Wash
Melt into the experience that is the Indulge Body Bar. It’s like being dipped into a warm vat of chocolate while a man named Fabio whispers sweet nothings into your ear. Wild Orange, Frankincense, and Cedarwood dance together to create...
Bamboo Dish Scrubbers
These eco-friendly dish scrubbers are your next favorite kitchen lifesaver! Made up of natural bamboo these scrubbers are perfectly designed to fit in your hand for easy grip and comfort. Doing dishes is a chore no more as each brush...
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Soap Holder
Handmade Natural wood soap dish made from cedarwood - Square shape soap dish that will increase the life of any shampoo bar, conditioner bar, or body bar, elevating it so it doesn't sit in excess water.  Soap Saver Benefits Naturally antimicrobial,...
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Evolve - Charcoal Body Scrub
EVOLVE your skincare routine with this charcoal body scrub and new skin will follow. It keeps your skin ever-evolving by shedding away dead skin cells leaving room for the growth of healthy glowing skin. Grapefruit | Juniperberry | Cedarwood  Benefits Creates...
Cleopatra - Emulsified Sugar Scrub
Want a better beauty ritual than Cleopatra’s? This emulsified sugar scrub has ancient secrets that work to tighten your skin and leaves your body glowing. Packed with exfoliating raw sugar and rich antioxidants it's a full-on, luxury spa experience. Turmeric...
Zero Waste Candle Making Kit
Everything But The Tin Can!  Our zero waste candle making kit includes everything you need to make your very own eco-friendly candle.... (except the tin can!) We've created this kit for our customers to enjoy a fun DIY way to...
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